Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I think it's bath time, don't you?

We've just started our BLW journey, and to be honest, I don't know how far we'll continue with the journey, because every time she gags a whole panic-stricken ambulance-calling scene runs through my head and my heart stops for a minute. We're trying to work through it, and today I cheated a bit and gave her some of my homemade soup. I gave her a bowl and a spoon, and left her to it. She did get SOME in her mouth and I do think she swallowed some. It was brilliant to watch! She also had a gnaw on some raw sweet pepper, of which she managed to nibble some off and gagged quite badly. Even though she seemed to really enjoy the raw pepper, I ended up taking it away from her and just leaving her with the soup.

Mucky pup? Me?

So, we'll see how we get on. If I go much longer without being able to handle the gagging without me having a panic attack, I'm afraid I'll be going along the traditional weaning route.


  1. First of all what a fabulous picture :-) I am completely there with you on the whole scared to death choking gagging thing...first time I gave Freddie a banana that's all he did and it terrified me so that's why we decided to just continue with normal weaning and give the occasional whole food - I would deffinately recommend the Nuby mesh feeder, it means you can continue with using whole fruit & veg but take away the anxiety of them choking/gagging! xxx

  2. We nearly picked up a mesh feeder when we were in asda the other day. So I think I will next time, thanks. To be honest I can see myself ending up doing mixed BLW/TW. I know it kinda defeats the object of BLW, but I think I can only handle giving her soft finger foods like steamed broccoli and soft fruits, and all other food I'll just puree. We are going to give it another good go (BLW) but I won't beat myself up over it if we can't handle it anymore. xx

    1. I feel the same as you at the mo. I really want to do BLW but the gagging is very scary and like you, I ended up taking the food away from her to avoid having a nervous breakdown. I may do mixed BLW/TW as well - at the end of the day as long as the babies are happy that's all that matters x

  3. OMG! :) what a little messy lady ;)
    I know how you feel. I panic all the time, and my baby boy was choking a few times on purred food and it was sooo scary... I will definitely buy the mesh feeder too. I heard many great things about it xxx