Monday, 11 June 2012

It's been ages... again!

Well, it's been absolutely yonks since I updated this thing. Life getting in the way 'n all that. But I've got a spare five minutes this evening so I thought I'd write a quick catch-up post. I'm not entirely sure which direction I want this blog to go; I've written all sorts of posts from beauty reviews and general lifestyle posts, and obviously lately it has become a Mummy blog. We'll see how often I can actually manage to update and see where it goes from there!

Well, Poppy turns 10 months old tomorrow. I KNOW. Where the hell did that go?

The little tinker now crawls around at a hundred miles per hour - I need eyes up my arse to look after her. She has one tooth, which finally appeared on 6th May, and I can just see her second tooth about to make it's way through the gum. She has super duper curly hair at the back of her head, and the front is slowly beginning to grow into kinky curls also, though that was inevitable - her Daddy has a mop of tight curls and I had a curly barnet until I was about five.

She is pulling herself up onto things, although she doesn't manage to stay where she pulls herself yet. She usually collapses on to her bum. We have lots of sounds: 'Mama' 'Baba' 'Lalalalalalalala' and general gibberish.
She waves goodbye and claps her hands. Her favourite toys are books. All in all she's as bright as a button!

I'm very much looking forward to Fathers Day this Sunday, as I have a few things planned.

Think I'll say ta'ra for now, and hopefully won't leave it quite so long next time...

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