Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What, no sick days?!

I am currently sitting in my PJ's surrounded by snotty tissues, half-drunk cups of tea and Lemsip. It's is 1.45pm and I only got out of bed about an hour ago. Not only do I have a rotten cold, sore throat and headache, I also have raging earache. Trouble is, I have a 5-month-old (almost) to look after, and I can't call in sick!

Poppy is fast asleep, snuggled up under her cupcake blanket, and she just so happens to be quite poorly herself. In fact, we've all got it, Luke (Poppy's Daddy) is suffering, too. But he doesn't seem to have it quite as bad as us, and he's gone to work.
Poppy had a pretty disrupted sleep - she woke up coughing and spluttering a few times in the night, before finally waking up properly at around 7.30am. I could see her big blue eyes blinking at me through the side of her cot, and so I dragged myself out of bed to make her a bottle. I felt so rough that I decided to gather up a few of Poppy's toys, lots of her books and even her activity mat, and took them all upstairs. We then stayed in our PJ's, Poppy had half of her bottle (she's been a bit off her milk with this cold), I gave her a nappy change then we snuggled in bed and I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her a few times, as well as Guess How Much I Love You - both books old favourites of mine and she seems to love them, too. We alternated between lots of cuddles and naps until around midday, when I decided we should probably go downstairs and do something. Well, we made it downstairs, Poppy is now awake, having a good old gnaw on poor Sophie La Giraffe, and I'm writing a blog post. I have a million and one things I should be doing, but it can all wait.

Despite both being poorly, I'm having a lovely day with my gorgeous little girl.

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